2021 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference





Welcome to Perth!

Clean and Reliable Electric Energy Systems


September 26-30, 2021

Curtin University and University of Western Australia

Perth, Australia


We are pleased to announce the Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC2021) will be jointly hosted by Curtin University and University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia from 26th to 30th September 2021. AUPEC is the premier conference in power engineering in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. This conference provides a forum for both university and industry researchers and experts in power engineering to discuss and share ideas, present results, reflect on past experiences and discuss future projects.  


Conference Co-Chairs 

Professor Arindam Ghosh, Curtin University 

Professor Tyrone Fernando, University of Western Australia 




Important dates 

Conference Dates: 26th-30th September 2021 

All the full papers accepted and presented at the conference will be published through IEEE Xplore Digital Library database. Up to 20% of the papers presented at the conference will be recommended for the publication in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications or IEEE Industry Applications Magazine after further review.

Technical Sponsor

Due to ongoing pandemic related travel restrictions AUPEC2021 will be held fully in VIRTUAL mode.

Vale Professor Chemmangot V.  Nayar

It is with deep sorrow and sadness, the Australasian Committee for Power Engineering (ACPE) remembers the life of Emeritus Professor Chemmangot V Nayar, who left us all for eternal peace. Born in India and popularly known as “Chem Nayar” received his Bachelor degree in EE from the University of Kerala(1969), Master degree from the IIT Kanpur (1976) and PhD degree from the University of Western Australia in 1982. His doctoral thesis on Wind Power Generator was one of the early research contribution to Wind Energy Conversion. Soon after his graduation he joined Western Australian Institute of Technology now known as Curtin University. His lifelong research on power electronics applied to Renewable Energy started with the establishment of the Power Electronics Research Unit (PERU) at Curtin. He was the founding Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies Australia (CRESTA) and build a strong research group around him. This research group later was recognised as well above World standard (ERA- 5) in Excellence Research Australia ranking. Professor Nayar dedicated almost four decades to advancing the clean energy industry.

Professor Nayar pioneered research and practical applications of technology, with a particular focus on remote communities and islanded hybrid power systems. He was involved in the design of the first edge of grid solar capacitor installation for the SWIC grid, the first standalone Wind-diesel hybrid power system at Denham, Western Australia, and designed a variable speed diesel engine for hybrid renewable power applications. He successfully secured over $9 million in research and project grants. These have been used to design, build and implement renewable energy solutions in Australia and overseas. He had been a key contributor to the Power Conditioning research program for the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). He received a number of Linkage grants from the Australian Research Council.

“Professor Nayar’s innovative designs have contributed to economic growth by generating public awareness and tourism opportunities for remote communities. By implementing more than 40 projects in various locations worldwide, he has also created significant employment opportunities”. In 2021, he was nominated and a finalist for the WA nominated Australian of the Year award.

He was a Visiting Professor and Speaker at a number of Universities, gave over 40 keynote speeches to international conferences and seminars, and published over 150 research papers. He provided consultancies to various United Nations agencies, Governments and Companies. He was the founder CEO of Regen power Pty Ltd. He received many research and development awards from the industry. He was a Fellow of the Engineers Australia, a chartered Professional Engineer, and a senior member of the IEEE. He was well travelled and loved the Indian and Oriental cuisines.

Professor Nayar was diagnosed with the condition Myeloma and died at the age of 75. He left behind wife Ambika, son Sujith and daughter Alloka. May God rest his soul in peace.

Professor Syed Islam

Chair, ACPE